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ShoreStation Accessories
available from Burt Home Maintenance

Please contact us for canopy prices. Canopy colors available for ShoreStation Aluminum, Steel, and PWC Hoists:

White Grey Tan Green Blue


Aluminum Hoist Accessories

Extension Legs
SSKA - Extension legs for models with 2000 lb, to 4000 lb. capacities for use in water from 4.5' to 6' deep.
SSKA-55 - same application as above, but for models with 5000 lb. to 7000 lb. capacities.
Carrying Handles
SS233 - This set of custom-fit handles allows you and three friends to walk your hoist into position. For models with capacities from 2000 to 6000 lb.
Front End Boat Stop
SSS - Aluminum boat stop with large foam cushion for extra protection. For models with 3000 lb. and 4000 lb. capacities.
SSS-55 - same for models with 5000 lb. and 6000 lb. capacities.
Pontoon Conversion Kit Centering Guides Road Transport Kit
SSPV - hardware kit that converts your SSV30108, SSV40108, or SSv40120 hoist to a center-lift pontoon hoist. NOTE: kit does not include wood for bunks. SSBV - these fully-carpeted centering guides double as walkboards. Ideal for rough water applications. For models with 300 lb. and 4000 lb. capacities. $236. SSBV20 - for models with 1500 lb. and 2000 lb. capacities
SSBV55 - for models with 5000 lb. and 6000 lb. capacities. $265
SSAA - tow your hoist to-and-from the water. All you do is add rubber to the wheels provided, attach the kit to the unit and hit the road with the hoist in tow. The kit includes: two SS#50, Spindle/Hub Assemblies, two SS#51's, 15" rims, one SS#230A, set attaching brackets, and one SS#231A Tongue Assembly.
Water Transport Kit Electric Drive
SS232, SS232-55, SS232-70
This kit enables your hoist to be transported across water using a Jon boat or similar flat bottom boat. 
SSDC2 (12V) - Runs on rechargable power from your boat or remote 12V source. $618.
SSAC2 (110V) - Powers your hoist with AC power from the shore. Both can be manually engaged and disengaged for hand operation. For models with capacities from 2000 to 6000 lb. $704.



Steel Hoist Accessories

Extension Legs Guides & Bumpers Electric Drive
SSK - 36" extension legs for use in water up to 6' deep. For all steel hoists except model SSV45120. SSHA - 2 cradle brackets mounted on the crossmember that self-align with the boat, keeping it from tilting right or left. $103.
SSN - white polystyrene foam uprights that act as bumpers and keep your boat centered for a smooth landing or a clean getaway. For models SS3698 and SS36110. $167.
SSAC2 and SSDC2 - Let the rechargable power of your boat's battery or AC power from the shore raise your boat into storage position. AC or DC, the units are both compact, easily assembled and can be disengaged for manual operation of the lift wheel. Available for the SS3698, SS36110 and SSV45120 hoist models. $618-$704.
Front Guide Posts Road Transport Kit
SSG - Front guide posts for model SS1088 hoist, complete with adjustable lake pads. SSA - Attaches to your hoist to make it roadworthy for easy transport. Consists of two-piece tongue and hitch assembly. For models SS3698, SS36110, or SSV45120. Kit does not include tires.



PWC Hoist Accessories

Canopy Guide Posts
Add a protective canopy to your SS852 (with SS8522 option), SS8521 or SSD8521 PWC hoist. Available in standard grey, blue, green, tan, or white. SS8522 - Aluminum guide posts for the front corners of SS852 hoist. Let you accurately align and center your PWC on the hoist.
SS8523 - Telescopes inside your SS8522 (above), giving you the flexibility of adjustable base pads on all four corners.


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